Why can't new orders be submitted right now?

Life has happened and we've needed to take some time to re-organize some things. We just need some time to clean some things up. 

But we will be back! And with more than just Holiday decor. 

Is there somewhere local I can collect my order?

If the Shipping address is within a 50 mile range of Spokane, Washington, a Delivery option will be displayed.

If you are in the Kennewick, Washington area (or anywhere between Spokane and Kennewick), please reach out to us and we might be able to arrange Delivery, though it might be a few extra days.

If you are outside of this range, I'm sorry to say that we are only able to offer Shipping at this time.

Where do the items ship from? 

All items are produced in Spokane, Washington and then ship from Spokane Valley, Washington.

Can I order if outside of the United States? 

Not at this time. Due to shipping charges and tax variants, we do not currently ship orders outside of the United States.

It might be an option in the future, but for now, we are sorry to say International shipping is not supported.

My item arrived damaged or it didn't arrive at all. What do I do now? 

Please respond to your Tracking Confirmation email and advise the order didn't arrive or was damaged. This will help ensure we have all the needed information to locate your order and determine the next steps.

If for some reason you didn't receive the Tracking Confirmation email, or you've deleted it, please fill out the form below.

I've decided I don't want my order. Can I cancel or return it? 

You are able to cancel the order up until the order has been fulfilled. After this point, the order has already been handed off to the carrier.

As of September 2023, we do not accept returns of items.